The Making of Peace Pop-Up Card

In November, I designed a kirigami card I call Peace-Pop up.  Well, I decided I wanted to make more than just a few of these cards but knew that hand cutting “more than a few” cards would be insanely time consuming and, if I wanted to sell the cards, I wouldn’t be able to unless I charged an arm and a leg.  I was unsure what path to take until I spoke with my friend and mentor, Helen Hiebert.

Helen and I talk regularly and bounce ideas off one another.  I told Helen my concerns and she had a couple ideas, one of which was have them laser cut.  Well, I checked that out, but being a total novice to the world of laser cutting, I was unsure about the process.  The local folks who do laser cutting told me there would be discoloration around the cut edges.  Hmmmm.  Not good.  So I investigated another option; having a traditional steel rule die made.  And that’s the avenue I chose.

I decided to go with Custom Shape Pros of Omaha, NE.  I sent them a jpeg of my hand drawn design, they vectored it and sent me the design proof within hours. I approved their proof and voila!  A custom die for Peace Pop-Up was born!

The die is 9.5 x 11.75 so I cut Peace Pop-Up on a Big Shot Pro with a 13 x 27 bed.  Each pop-up is individually cut, folded and adhered to a card.  I love the simplicity of the process, it’s low tech and hands on and I am 100% a part of the each card, from start to finish.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Peace Pop-Up check out my etsy site, Peace Pop-Up 2015 on etsy




About Daria Wilber

hand papermaker and paper artist
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